Sunday, April 13, 2014

Hey Guys,

I hope everyone is having a good Sunday evening. I am chillin at home watching Naked and Afraid and thinking how madly brave those contestants are. I wouldn't last one minute in a jungle feeling all sorts of things crawling up my body. Neways, I recently re-subscribed to some of my favorite magazines: Allure, Glamour, In Style, etc... Reading through these pages brings chills of excitement up my spine when I read about new products, or get intrigued with items that have raving reviews, so for today's post I want to share a few of those items that caught my eye and and hope to try in the future! Let's begin!

1. First I was intrigued by this clip on the $10 dollar fragrance challenge. These fragrances called Love2Love sold at Walmart for $10 are fragrances created by "world's top perfumers" that aim at being equally good to prestige fragrances. I am interested in the Jasmine and Sparkling Mimosa which is  made by the perfumer of Lady Gaga Fame. Sounds cool, right?

2. Hair Tablet Breakthrough! I have tried biotin and other hair, skin and nail supplements, but none have really impressed me. This might be worth a try and it is available at CVS and GNC! Yes, please sign me up for luscious hair and hopefully I can say goodbye to my brittle nails too!

3. This nail brush attachment by Julep sounds interesting. Many other companies will soon do something similar. If this little gadget makes applying nail polish easier please sign me up for one. I am curious to try this out and see if its gimmicky or not!

4. My Dior lip glow is my ultimate lip product of all time. I have recently repurchased my third one. So any new product by Dior will definitely draw my attention. This is a "fluid stick" which I am guessing is a liquid lipstick and the packaging is totally chic! I can't wait to see the color range I am sure they will have some stunning kick ass shades. 

5. Back in the Fall of 2010 MAC released a collection called Venomous Villains which was a collection of products inspired by Disney villains such as Maleficent, Cruela de Ville, Evil Queen and Dr. Facilier. Any collection that includes Disney and makeup will spark my interest. This new collection is inspired by the movie starring Angelina Jolie as Maleficent. I am sure it will be ultra glam, I can't wait to check out the line in person and see if any items are unique enough for me to purchase or not. 

6. If you are in the market for a nice brush set that will be of good quality and good price I would definitely look at the Sonia Kashuk line at Target. They always have awesome brush sets for a reasonable price. The other option for good brushes are the Real Techniques brushes found at various places like Ulta, Walmart and Kohl's etc...

7. Finally, Sally Hansen's Jelly Polishes sound super fun. They come in awesome colors. I have seen people layer these with glitter polishes for a unique look. I had one of these a few years back and I really liked it. It was a pink color that gave my nails the effect of a gel mani. I will be spotting for these at the drugstore. 

Well that is it. Let me know if any of these items sound interesting to you. Also, what should I call this segment I was thinking "Magazine Standouts" or something like that. Please leave your suggestions in the comment section. Bye until next time!  

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