Sunday, April 13, 2014

Hey Guys,

I hope everyone is having a good Sunday evening. I am chillin at home watching Naked and Afraid and thinking how madly brave those contestants are. I wouldn't last one minute in a jungle feeling all sorts of things crawling up my body. Neways, I recently re-subscribed to some of my favorite magazines: Allure, Glamour, In Style, etc... Reading through these pages brings chills of excitement up my spine when I read about new products, or get intrigued with items that have raving reviews, so for today's post I want to share a few of those items that caught my eye and and hope to try in the future! Let's begin!

1. First I was intrigued by this clip on the $10 dollar fragrance challenge. These fragrances called Love2Love sold at Walmart for $10 are fragrances created by "world's top perfumers" that aim at being equally good to prestige fragrances. I am interested in the Jasmine and Sparkling Mimosa which is  made by the perfumer of Lady Gaga Fame. Sounds cool, right?

2. Hair Tablet Breakthrough! I have tried biotin and other hair, skin and nail supplements, but none have really impressed me. This might be worth a try and it is available at CVS and GNC! Yes, please sign me up for luscious hair and hopefully I can say goodbye to my brittle nails too!

3. This nail brush attachment by Julep sounds interesting. Many other companies will soon do something similar. If this little gadget makes applying nail polish easier please sign me up for one. I am curious to try this out and see if its gimmicky or not!

4. My Dior lip glow is my ultimate lip product of all time. I have recently repurchased my third one. So any new product by Dior will definitely draw my attention. This is a "fluid stick" which I am guessing is a liquid lipstick and the packaging is totally chic! I can't wait to see the color range I am sure they will have some stunning kick ass shades. 

5. Back in the Fall of 2010 MAC released a collection called Venomous Villains which was a collection of products inspired by Disney villains such as Maleficent, Cruela de Ville, Evil Queen and Dr. Facilier. Any collection that includes Disney and makeup will spark my interest. This new collection is inspired by the movie starring Angelina Jolie as Maleficent. I am sure it will be ultra glam, I can't wait to check out the line in person and see if any items are unique enough for me to purchase or not. 

6. If you are in the market for a nice brush set that will be of good quality and good price I would definitely look at the Sonia Kashuk line at Target. They always have awesome brush sets for a reasonable price. The other option for good brushes are the Real Techniques brushes found at various places like Ulta, Walmart and Kohl's etc...

7. Finally, Sally Hansen's Jelly Polishes sound super fun. They come in awesome colors. I have seen people layer these with glitter polishes for a unique look. I had one of these a few years back and I really liked it. It was a pink color that gave my nails the effect of a gel mani. I will be spotting for these at the drugstore. 

Well that is it. Let me know if any of these items sound interesting to you. Also, what should I call this segment I was thinking "Magazine Standouts" or something like that. Please leave your suggestions in the comment section. Bye until next time!  

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Well it's been a long time since I last posted anything on my blog. When I first started my blog back in 2009 I was still going to school and looking forwards to graduating that Spring. Soon after graduating college, I then began to focus on finding a job in my field that would open doors and allow me to finally quit my job in retail. Now that it has been 5 years since graduation I am looking back and wondering why I quit doing something that I enjoyed doing. Sometimes life gets to us and we forget to focus on those frivolous passions that keep us alive and sane. So, I am here giving this a second shot and hoping that those that still follow my blog will find it entertaining and informative. After all these years and shedding my skin different times one thing still remains, I am still and will forever be a self-proclaimed make up junkie! I never stopped watching youtube videos, reading makeup blogs and being involved in the "online makeup community".  If you have any request about things you would like to see on my blog please feel free to write your request in the comments section below.

Neways, I would like to pick up by writing about some of my current beauty besties (aka favorites)!
These beauty besties I am going to talk about today are products that I have either repurchased or would literally run to repurchase once they run (no pun intended) out! First is the Chanel "Mousse Douceur", this is a great product for taking off makeup at the end of the day. Obviously, it is more of a luxury product that I try not to use everyday even though I want to because it is a one step stop to clean face-ville. This is the second time that I purchase this from Nordies and despite the hefty price tag ($45) I will dare say that I will repurchase this once I run out. If you are looking for a easy breasy makeup remover at night try the Chanel mousse douceur and I think you won't be dissapointed. Now moving down south to legs, a few montsh ago my cousin gave me a Schick Intuition plus renewing moisture razor and I didn't give it much though until I actually went to use it and I was certainly impressed. This razor takes the hassle out of needing shaving cream. It smells good and it leaves your skin feeling soft! I am a convert! 
 Next, we have my holy grail Donna Karan Cashmere Mist deodorant. I bought this back in December and I have loved it and recommended it to my friends since. I mean a $22 dollar deodorant HAS to be beyond amazing in my opinion and it is! It not only does a good job at keeping me smelling like a lady but the smell last all day. After a long day of work and sweating like I do this baby does the trick. Never had I been so impressed with any deodorant not even the sport or clinical protection kind that you find at the drugstore which will cost you about $13ish dollar so for a few bucks more you will be getting an A+ product which is why this is another of my beauty besties. Ok so I have owned the Clarisonic since probably the first day it came out. I am kind of that girl that will be the first to venture out and try something that is new and "gimmicky" (which is wasn't) and I have loved it ever since! There are times that I have felt bored with it just because I like to rotate products and again try new things, and I had stopped using it for a few months and just used my one step gentle cleanser from Neutrogena (which is another product I have repurchased several times-takes makeup off great you just have to be careful that it doesn't get in your eyes). Then one day I saw noticed that Clarisonic made a "deep-pore" brush head which is "excellent for oily or large pore skin types". I have been using it for about two weeks now and I truly have noticed that my pores have been reduced and I wish I had taken a picture of my pores (face) before I started using this. I really wasn't expecting the results I got or else I would have done a before and after picture! Anyways, if you have a similar skin type and own a Clarisonic I highly suggest you give this brush head a  try. 
I have always heard a lot of buzz around Lush products and recently in January went to a Lush store, which are not always local, and picked up the BIG sea salt shampoo! I am so in LOVE with this shampoo and it is not even funny. This shampoo has impressed me because of its power to remove build up and "gunk" from my hair. After washing my hair with BIG it leaves my hair feeling clean, airy and light sans all the buildup. The smell is sooo good! It has a beachy clean smell that is intoxicatingly amazing. This shampoo deserves a post of it's own. The price is $26.95 for 11.4 oz of pure amazingness. Read this blurb taken from half the base of Big shampoo is made with sea salt, giving massive volume to hair in need of a boost. Sea salt is also full of minerals and de-greases hair, removing dead skin cells and dirt without stripping natural oils for a fresh, squeaky clean feeling. We balance the sea salt with seaweed infusion, extra virgin coconut oil and avocado butter for soft, nourished locks. Finally, fresh citrus juices are squeezed in for incredible shine. It's no wonder this one is a best-seller!
This BIG shampoo sells for its self! Finally, I will conclude with an oldie but a goodie-almond oil! When I was in 7th grade this girl who I thought was my friend told me that if I trimmed my eyelashes they would grow longer and so being the little vain girl I was I cut off my lashes. My lashes wouldn't grow and I was super devastated. I told my mom what I had done and she said that she had heard that almond  oil was good to help my lashes grow back. And guess what it worked and ever since I have used this oil on and off when ever I feel that my lashes need an extra umph! I also use it on my eyebrows when I over pluck and whether or not this is a placebo effect I do not care because it is part of my routine and I notice a difference when I use it on the daily. At night I just gently rub some all over my eyelashes being careful that it doesn't enter my eyes. Almond oil can be found anywhere for about $3 for 2oz. Alright, friends that is all for today, I hope you guys will try some of these products out. I feel that these products are ones that can fit into anyones beauty routine! Let me know if you have any questions! :) I promise to include more pictures in my next post!

Friday, February 20, 2009

SpongeBob Squarepants

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? SpongeBob Squarepants...
Hey Michelle this is a look inspired by our all time favorite sponge. Hope u like it, it was created with lots of LOVE!!

I Can't hear you............
The yellow of course is for SpongeBob, the orange/green for his pineapple under the sea. The blue for his aquatic environment. And the brown eyeliner for his infamous
And let us not forget his batty girly eyelashes!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Products I am Loving #1

These will be weekly blogs about products that I am loving at the moment. Let me know what are your current favs!

I am in love with MACs mineralized skinfinish in BLONDE from the BBR collection. I love the effect this gives my skin. It is a great highlighter product as well as a blusher...pure gorgeousness. It gives my face a beachy glow.

The second thing that I am loving is MACs pigment in Naked...what a gorgeous pinky neutral color. The color of a seashell. This pigment would go great with satin taupe or any other combination...LOVE

The third thing is my tweezerman tweezers all i can say is that these are amazing remind me of my anastasia tweezers great at pulling out the smallest unwanted brow hair..

Next Revlon's lipstick in nude attitude from the matte collection...this color is a def. dupe for myth. Love it over any lip gloss.

I am loving MUFEs HD primer great at smoothing out skin for makeup application and for correcting some flaws.

I am loving MACs mineralized  skinfinish SPF15 foundation it feel great and also offers great coverage especially when paired with MACs mineralized skinfinish natural...great coverage. I usually apply these products on non-working days because when I work I use only very light makeup.
And last but certainly not least Juicy Couture in Viva La juicy this stuff smells amazing I am in Love and the bottle is super cute...Its the perfect fragrance. Go get yourself a sample...seriously go!!

Hope you enjoyed this post. What are some of your current favs it doesn't have to be makeup...but its more fun if it is...write a comment...thanks

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Welcome to My Blog!

About Me: I am a 24 year old college student (graduating Spring 09) who is addicted to makeup and anything beauty related!! Living in Southern California! Pretty much been a makeup junkie ever since I can remember and till this day broke and all I continue to love trying out new products and experimenting with new ideas.

About this Blog: I am doing this blog as a way to unwind and "unbottle" my makeup addiction and make some use out of all the products that I own. I hope to do videos on youtube someday but have not gotten the courage to do so. For now this blog will be a way to review products post any hauls and show some of the looks I create and anything else I feel like posting! I Hope you find this site useful and fun. Please feel free to comment and request any product reviews on products that you see in this blog. Disclaimer: I am by no means a professional I do this for fun and everything on this blog will be my opinion based on my experience with the products/makeup I own. I love both high-end and drugstore makeup so you will find a variety of items at all price rages :D

"Your beauty is contagious, once you believe it everyone else catches on"-Leslie Blodget B.E. CEO