Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Products I am Loving #1

These will be weekly blogs about products that I am loving at the moment. Let me know what are your current favs!

I am in love with MACs mineralized skinfinish in BLONDE from the BBR collection. I love the effect this gives my skin. It is a great highlighter product as well as a blusher...pure gorgeousness. It gives my face a beachy glow.

The second thing that I am loving is MACs pigment in Naked...what a gorgeous pinky neutral color. The color of a seashell. This pigment would go great with satin taupe or any other combination...LOVE

The third thing is my tweezerman tweezers all i can say is that these are amazing remind me of my anastasia tweezers great at pulling out the smallest unwanted brow hair..

Next Revlon's lipstick in nude attitude from the matte collection...this color is a def. dupe for myth. Love it over any lip gloss.

I am loving MUFEs HD primer great at smoothing out skin for makeup application and for correcting some flaws.

I am loving MACs mineralized  skinfinish SPF15 foundation it feel great and also offers great coverage especially when paired with MACs mineralized skinfinish natural...great coverage. I usually apply these products on non-working days because when I work I use only very light makeup.
And last but certainly not least Juicy Couture in Viva La juicy this stuff smells amazing I am in Love and the bottle is super cute...Its the perfect fragrance. Go get yourself a sample...seriously go!!

Hope you enjoyed this post. What are some of your current favs it doesn't have to be makeup...but its more fun if it is...write a comment...thanks

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  1. Hi, I'm liking all yr fav products. Tested the JC perfume at a mall....put the strip of paper in my handbag n the lovely fragrance lasted for days!

    Definitely buying it....n soon! :)